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Proforce Security Secure Monitoring


Sustainable & Smart Solutions

Proforce Security Sustainable Solutions

At Proforce we are always working on solutions that not only provide our client with solutions but are innovative and environmentally friendly to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Products include;

  • Solar Cameras

  • Solar Powered Network Solutions

  • Solar Powered Device modules for tracking and asset management.

From $65/wk single Camera and $80/wk dual camera.

Hardware & Safety Solutions

Monitor your loved ones with our Smart Safety Watches.


With a modern and sleek design, they are packed with features such as two-way talk, video, SOS, fall detection, SMS, heart rate and temperature monitoring, and GPS tracking. Keep an eye on your loved ones and ensure their safety, no matter where they are in the world.

Alarm Package Solutions

Holiday Alarm Installation Package

Bosch Solution 3000 Series Alarm Kit includes

1 x Bosch Solution 3000 Control Panel
1 x LCD Backlit 8 Zone Icon keypad (Blue Backlighting) (IUI-SOL-ICON)
3 x Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors (BPR2-W12)
1 x Bosch 1.33AMP AC Transformer Plug Pack 18V
1 x Heavy Duty 12V, 7Ah Rechargeable Battery
1 x Metal enclosure with tamper switch
1 x Internal Siren (Piezo) 120 db
1 x External Siren – with Strobe
8 x 3k3 resistors + 8 x 6k8 resistors
2 x Alarm Warning Stickers included
1x User Manual/ Quick Reference Guide

CCTV Package Solutions

Holiday CCTV Installation Package



NVR - 4 Channel

4 Cameras - 6MP

2 TB Storage 

Fully Installed

Human & Vehicle Detection

FROM $1499.00


The Proforce Team

The Proforce Security team is composed of highly trained and certified industry professionals who have been providing technical services, installations and monitoring solutions for decades.


We take great pride in the knowledge and expertise that our team brings to each and every job, ensuring that our clients always receive the highest quality of service possible.



A Grade Monitoring Solutions in Melbourne servicing clients direct and Bureau Nationally

Security Monitoring at Proforce



Alarm & CCTV installation technicians for a wide range of panels, cameras, access control, panic buttons, product monitoring and other developed solutions

Alarm Systems and Access Control at Proforce



There are a large number of technicians and installers across the country who can install and setup security systems but struggle with configuring solutions for monitoring. Our server and IT team are on standby to assist.

Technical Support at Proforce Security
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