Security Services

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Our Static Guard Services are robust and adaptable to the changing nature of demand for ongoing or emergency deployment we have over 20 years of experience in ensuring you are covered around the clock and have the flex no matter what event or occurrence arises in your daily business operations.

All staff are trained in COVID safe policies and guidelines and provide a great support and extension of your business for your staff and to your clients.

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Our Event Security Staff and Teams are a comprehensive and complete service package for small to large events in indoor and outdoor locations.

Whether it is access control management, bag checks, safe social distancing, escorts, traffic management or running the event control centres, our team of staff are on standby and ready to assist to ensure every participant at your event has an enjoyable and safe experience.

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Retail Security is about customer service and the protection of stack and the reduction of work health & safety incidents through offenders ad customers creating impacts on staff, who should always feel safe in their workplace.

Our expert team of retail officers provide not only a physical presence but are also an extension of your customer service team and provide the safety and support to your personnel on the ground so they can focus on sales and we focus on safety. Ask Us How ??

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Some locations have early morning Openings or Late closes where takings or stock may need to be dropped off or delivered to other locations.

For decades our team has operated safety escort processes and services for our clients small and large to ensure that each opening and closing day is completed securely and with peace of mind.

Whether it is once a week or daily tasks, our team has a wide range of escort services available as required either pre-booked or as required.

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Our Patrol service is unique in both its capability and prices. At Proforce we have large reductions on sites we already patrol when they require responses and we also have completely Geo-tagged scanning and confirmation of all site checks which can be sent live or daily as required.

Don't wait like others do to receive your reports and service. Ours is live, transparent and most importantly is encrypted and can be verified.

Security Gate


Whether you have temporary or long term access to control or require a face for the access to your warehouse. Our trained and professional gatehouse staff are not only experts in customer service but can operate multiple access control systems and complete checks and balances as required on visitor and contractor management.

If you are looking for an electronic access system also to compliment your site or give you greater live visibility then feel free to reach out to us today.