Industries We Service

Health Services

Our Systems and Services provide connection to not only our health staff but our clients staff, their clients and the public. Whether it is a monitored medical alarm, a panic button, access sensors, managed care facilities infrastructure or daily welfare checks.

Ask us why clients choose Proforce to assist in their remote and daily safety management.

Industrial Facilities

The security for industry is both broad and dynamic in nature. Whether it is managing smart panels, remote video monitoring, access control or highly trained guards to oversee not only access but to perform daily site safety checks Proforce is here to assist and has been doing so for over 20 years.

Commercial & Retail

Commercial and Retail locations are the hustle and bustle of daily commerce and trade and we know that your needs are simple. You want a secure location and remote management without the headaches. Simple early to open and late to close checks and even remote video tours to ensure you aren't wasting money on sending alarm responses. Our smart and simple tailored solutions are like no other and build to your needs so we work around your schedule and not ours.

Residential and Managed Homes

Our specialty for over 2 decades is servicing residential clients and managed homes and ensuring that no matter who our clients are and where they are around Australia we can tailor products and services specifically for peace of mind in a Resident's home.

Government & Infrastructure

Our Grade A Monitoring Centre and solutions are built to manage and monitor infrastructure and Government level facilities. These Facilities usually have higher levels of threat and the response to emergency activations and alarms requires immediate deployment and response.

Our Category A means Proforce is authorised for immediate Police Response for R1 Category Alarms wherever they are within Australia.