Our Services

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Our Guard Service is Unique and designed for Emergencies and Flexibility. Our trained personnel in Health Care, Government and Infrastructure are on hand as part of our contracted services and also available on flex and response as required. Proforce ensures no matter what happens and when we have the personnel and requirements to fulfill your requests.


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Our Patrol service is unique in both its capability and prices. At Proforce we have large reductions on sites we already patrol when they require responses and we also have completely Geo-tagged scanning and confirmation of all site checks which can be sent live or daily as required.

Don't wait like others do to receive your reports and service. Ours is live, transparent and most importantly is encrypted and can be verified.


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Backed by our Grade A Control Room we can respond to Category A Alarms and Events with direct Police Response engaged.

As our Control Room is Graded and our vehicles are directly linked to our Monitoring Centre then you have a true record from start to finish of every event with one company providing the service without a break in the chain of evidence from the moment the incident commences to its completion..